Why Become Shareholder in Sharebox

Competitive advantage

Sharebox has developed a self serviced cabinet that can be remotely controlled directly from the users phone through the Sharebox App.

- This appeals to storeowners as there is no work for the clerks behind the desk, and they can concentrate on running their own business.

- It also appeals to users, as competing solutions demands involvement from the clerks in the store to handle the exchange of the items. Having people involved is alwasys subject to mistakes.

Great collaborations

- Sharebox is in collaboration with Reitan Convenience, which could grant access to convenince stores in the rest of the Nordic region, including Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. 

- Sharebox is in agreement with Airbnb to become host assist partner 

-Sharbox Outdoor is in test at Sixt, Hertz and Avis within car rental sector

- Sharebox is being used by some of the largest "Short Term Rental Management" companies such as KeyButler and Lejlighedsvis.

- Sharebox has open API, allowing external actors in the business with complimentary services to build in the Sharebox infrastructure.

- Sharebox will be implementeing the 7-Eleven app with more than 1 mio. downloads.

Sharebox was established two years ago and we are celebrating by inviting investors to be a part of the adventure. Our goal is to be number 1 within facilitating exchanges of small items.

Arne Eivind Andersen Sharebox AS, CEO & Founder


Increasing market size

Sharebox is growing rapidly and currently has 100 Shareboxes active in three countries and mora than 11.000 users so far.

Before the end of 2019, Sharebox plans to increase it's market share with 900 new locations placed in 15 new countries.

Sharing economy is here to stay

During the past 10 years, the sharing economy has made it's entry on the global market. People are sharing apartments, cars and much more. With a growing sharing economy, and Sharebox as a key providor for facilitating the exchanges, we see great potential for the future to come.
Sharebox is growing rapidly and already reached a substantial revenue. I look forward to contiunue being a part of the adventure. 

Eline Benneche Gulsrud Deputy Board Member