Press coverage

June 27 2018:                   Convenience                   7-Eleven manage keys for Airbnb guests

June 26 2018:                  TV2 DK                              These 7-Eleven stores now offer Sharebox

June 26 2018:                  Århus Stift                        7-Eleven becomes a new key to the Aarhusians

June 26 2018:                  RetailNews                       7-Eleven key forward to Airbnb guests

June 26 2018:                               7-Eleven a new concept called Sharebox           

June 15 2018:                   Marbella TV                     Introducing Sharebox in Costa del Sol

April 26 2018:                  Shifter                              Norwegian Sharebox buys a competitor                      

March 2 2018:                 Shifter                               Key cabinet startup with NOK 5 mill funding                 

March 1 2018:                 DN                                     Think he has found the key to success              

January 30 2018:             Elektronikknett               Sharebox places million order at Norautron

December 5 2017:          Regnskap Norge             Key trouble kickstarted a new business

June 23 2017:                   TV Agder                           Creating a new business

April 28 2017:                  NRK                                   Got the idea to key sharing with a cabinet 

April 28 2017:                  NRK TV                              Entrepreneur developed key sharing concept