Invitation to become a franchise member

Fantastic opportunities ahead

The Norwegian company Sharebox has developed a sharing platform including hardware and devices for safe exchange of keys and other smaller objects. The key sharing solution are hosted today thru out Scandinavia with 20.000 users.

The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption or peer-to-peer-based sharing, is a concept that highlights the ability -- and perhaps the preference -- of individuals to rent or borrow goods rather than buy and own them.

The growing number of mobile and online platforms that effectively connect people who have underutilized assets with people who want to make use of these assets has made it possible for individuals -- peers -- to widely advertise and share goods and services that used to be provided by full-time businesses. In the sharing economy, the consumer role is recast as two-sided, with consumers acting as obtainers and providers of resources.

The sharing economy are fueled by three primary components:  travel, home-sharing and car-sharing.

As a Sharebox franchisee you have the exclusive right to market the solution in your region, and has the rights to enter into agreement with 3. Parties for placement of physical Sharebox key sharing cabinets on agreed upon locations within the retailstore/kiosk/pub/restaurants market and businesses targeting the small scale business market.

In short, the franchisee will find locations believed to have good potential for the Sharebox technology, sign agreements with location owners, and build up the traffic on these locations.

We will cover all the costs to keep the technical system running for the Shareboxes to work properly according to customer and administration needs. We will also help facilitate targeted digital marketing campaigns that can be utilized to create activities and traffic on specific locations.

Customer support online and by phone is handled by us. You as a franchisee will handle support-activities that need to be done on-site. In case of manufacturing faults with the units, the franchisor will cover costs occurred for repair/replacements.

Financial split:
Gross revenue pr unit - Capital expenditures = Net revenue to share.